(this text was inspired by the Post Mortem of fellow indie devs that made Space Slingers and The Race Factory)

Endless RPG is a game released on Steam in May of 2019, it’s a turn-based combat open world RPG that was made primarily by me. As a professional developer and hobbyist game dev I created all the code on the engine I was using at the time, Game Maker 1.4. I fiddle around the early sprites and those were replaced by Nicky Oryzano’s commissioned work. Sound and Music were from royalty free sites. Animations were made on Spine by me…

Simply put, Neural Network is a Math function of nonlinear result. That is, it gets a set of values and interpolate the next value in a prediction manner. For this to be possible, it is trained with a set of values and historical data already gathered. The values of the Neural Net are compared to the training set and adjusted accordingly until it gets the same values of the training set. This way the Neural Net can “guess” what the next value would be.

The inner workings of a Neural Net are the Input, the Hidden Layer and the Output…

Cesar Ottani

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